Three Things I Hate

There are three things I hate. They include: BO(body odor), commercials, and people who smoke. There are many things I hate but I will only focus on these three.

I do not like the smell of underarms; I don’t think anyone does! Bad smells cause nausea and headaches. I personally do not like feeling nauseated and having headaches. I already have to deal with having bad headaches for my own reasons. There are reasons why we have a body odor. Our body has two sweating glands. They produce two different types of sweat. Both types are odorless but the one under our underarms produces a bad smell when the bacteria on our skin is combined with the sweat. To prevent this bad smell people should use deodorant. Deodorant is not expensive and there is a reason why if you know what I mean. I don’t like having to sit by someone that smells like onions… it makes it hard to pay attention in school. I have ADD and I have trouble paying attention in school so to help me out, wear deodorant please!


I really hate commercials! I think everybody hates commercials. I don’t like commercials because they last at least 10 min and the show you are watching last for about 5-8 mins! What’s up with that?? Second, I hate their cheesy theme songs! They are really annoying! They make up songs that get stuck in your head.   They make these songs so that the music lingers in your mind and you then remember the catchy phrase. Another is when they have a random skit that barely relates to the product they are selling. What I don’t understand about commercials is that for food commercials they make the food look way better than the food they serve at the restaurant! That is absurd!

Lastly, I really hate people that smoke! Its not only bad for you but it is also bad for others. People say, “I’m the one who is smoking so its only effecting me.” Wrong! That is called second-hand smoke. Children that have parents that smoke have no choice but to inhale the foul smoke. Smoking can raise blood pressure, worsens asthma, couples that smoke are more likely to have fertility problems, stained teeth and gums, and bad breath. Smoking can also change the way you look.  There are reasons why people smoke and that includes: to relieve stress, peer pressure, to lose weight, to look mature, for pleasure and to look cool; which they do not, they look ignorant. I think its funny and ignorant that they came up with electronic cigs. They are no better than regular cigs. They contain toxic chemicals that can harm us too.

These are the three things I hate. Now you know a little about me.


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